Start Protecting Your Health Today

Medilink is an innovative medical hardware and eMedicine solution, designed to deliver a next generation approach to fighting chronic diseases through prevention rather than treatment.

Our Mission

Globally the costs of managing chronic diseases are escalating out of control, yet the World Health Organization calls chronic diseases “preventable”.

At Medilink, we believe early detection is critical but the costs of early detection have become expensive and to change this, we need to provide an affordable alternative where the general public can take control of their health.

Our three-pronged approach is delivered via three Medilink subsidiaries


Blood test home kit


Blockchain-based blood management echo system


Regional blood analyzation center network for medilink and bloodlink

The Medilink Blood Test Kit

is extremely low cost, and makes having your blood tested frequently, affordably and so easy you can do it from home. No need to wait for an annual medical, cancers, liver, kidney and diabetes don’t wait. With Medilink, prevention can become a reality, and the integration with the healthcare ecosystem will drive revenues and improve healthcare options for everyone.

The Product

Medilink partnered with Japanese medical technology manufacturer Miyabi Seiko, to develop the world’s 1st low cost, blood test kit designed for home use.

The Bloodlink blood test kit is provided to the consumer together with a personal centrifugal processing unit to enable the consumer to separate blood cells from serum, and then package the kit via post or courier to the test centre.

Protect Your Health Today

Once the analysis of the blood sample is done, results are provided to the consumer and their selected health professional.

The Medilink Blood Test Kit is designed to be a low cost, high quality item with recycled components.

The centrifugal unit is also designed to be low cost, battery powered and is a one time purchase.

Scientific trials were performed with the Japanese Okinawa RyuKyu University Hospital, running on the world’s leading JEOL Majesty Series of analyzers with a capability to perform between 1,200 and 2,000 tests per hour.

Medilink is partnering with healthcare distributor groups, Labs and doctor networks, Insurance companies and eHealth companies to extend the utility of the blood test for the benefit of patients.