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2009 – Miyabi Seiko acquires medical manufacturing license

2014 – Patents files for micro device for collection biochemical fluid

2016 – Receives permission to manufacture and sell medical devices

2016 – 2018 Patents awarded in US, China, Korea, Europe, Singapore.

2016 – Medilink Holdings invests in Miyabi Seiko

2016 – Singapore selected as regional headquarters

2017 – Medilink Holdings Pte Ltd established in Singapore

2017- Rigorous testing at Okinawa University Hospital

2018 – 80,000 test run on JEOL BioMajesty Chemical Analyser

2019 – Productization and Got to Market operation established

The Blockchain

The blockchain enables two crucial elements: It gives the patient(or the healthcare network), ownership over their health data and the right to decide who else can access it, based on a set of permissions accessible from anywhere in the world.

The patient can choose to share with, or not share with, whoever they wish. This includes Government registers, hospitals, doctors, care givers, Insurance companies, chemists, health supplements providers, Dieticians, simply by providing a private key.

And Medilink’s family company Bloodlink has created APIs that enable that integration with the minimum of fuss.

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AI Predictive

Medilink’s long term vision is for an integrated ecosystem that benefits all parties. But to get there, the quality of the data must be more than blood test results.

By using our artificial intelligence algorithm and machine learning, we can build a predictive capability that may know with some certainty, an individual’s propensity for contracting a chronic disease, based on a cohort of behavior, lifestyle choices, demographics and blood test results.

Prevention rather than treatment is the cornerstone of our big data strategy and opening the information to the ecosystem will be crucial to this goal.

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An Integrated EcoSystem

Medilink is partnering with healthcare distributor groups, Labs and doctor networks, Insurance companies and eHealth companies to extend the utility of the data for the benefit of patients.

We envisage an ecosystem that will reward patients for their information, not just charge for products and services.

That’s why we used the blockchain, so we can create reward tokens for patients to have an incentive to participate that is beyond just taking care of their health.

We want to reward them for reducing chronic disease rates, we want to reward them for being in better health. And we want the healthcare ecosystem to be rewarded also.

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Ecosystem Partnerships

Laboratories seeking partnerships with Medilink can contact us for more information in your region.

Laboratory Franchisees

Lablink is offering franchisee options to interested parties.

The franchisee package depends on your existing capabilities and expertise.